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Answer: No. EMS (Emergency Medical Services) is affiliated with Health and Welfare and they are the ones that issue/monitor EMT certification for Idaho. They are located at 650 W. State St. – Room B-17, Boise, ID – (208) 334-4000. Or visit their website.

Answer: Normal FST office hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm – Mountain Time.

Answer: Visit the Training Resources page for a PDF version of FST's course catalog. In addition, if you are searching for curriculum, you can find several additional sources under Resources. If you need additional information/assistance or are unable to use the website, call FST at (208)535-5443. 

Answer: Yes. Submit an email to including your name, email, phone number, and last four digits of your ss# and a copy of your training record will be emailed to you. This only includes training through FST and won't reflect any in-house training you have received.

Answer: If you are a Junior or Senior, you need to contact your school counselor. Ask you counselor if there is an IOT (Individual Occupational Training) program available, or if there is an Explorer Post established with a local fire department or whether there may be internships available.

IFSAC Accredited Certification

Answer: There are two steps that you will need to follow before you can receive IFSAC certification in Idaho. First, you will need to meet the required training qualifications/prerequisites and second, you will need to successfully pass the certification examination process. Visit our Fire Certifications web page to get additional information about the requirements for Idaho certification.

Answer: IFSAC is the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress, a self-governing system that accredits both fire service programs and higher education fire related degree programs. Idaho has been an accredited member of IFSAC since 1998 in the areas of Hazardous Materials Operations, Fire Fighter I, Fire Fighter II, Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator-Pumper, Fire Instructor I and Fire Officer I certifications. IFSAC Accreditation was previously granted to FST under the Idaho Division of Professional-Technical Education and was withdrawn by the IFSAC Certificate Assembly Board of Governors (CABOG).

Answer: Yes. Upon request, a candidate who possesses IFSAC certification from another IFSAC certifying entity may receive reciprocity for the specific level and NFPA standard edition of the certification. To apply for reciprocity, a candidate submits a Reciprocity Application and a copy of the original IFSAC Certificate(s) to FST. Reciprocity is only available for levels accredited by IFSAC in Idaho and only to individuals actively affiliated with an Idaho fire department or emergency response agency. Upon confirmation of the IFSAC Certificate from the issuing entity, FST will issue a certificate of reciprocity. Reciprocity is conducted in accordance with IFSAC Memorandum regarding Reciprocity and Equivalency, dated January 18, 2011.

AAS Degree

Answer: First, you will need to complete a prescribed course of technical training and then, you will need to contact your local technical college about entering the AAS degree program. Additional information about the AAS degree can be found on the FST website. For questions or more specific information about technical courses or for contact information about your local technical college advisor.

Answer: Yes/No. Your local technical college can review you transcripts and make a determination as to which classes will be accepted.


Answer: Visit Instructor Information. On this page you will find instructor qualification requirements and an application form. If you need additional information/assistance or are unable to use the web site, contact FST at (208)535-5441.

Answer: You will need to complete adjunct faculty applications and/or payroll forms for each technical college where you will be teaching.

Training and Course Requests

Answer: Contact FST or your local technical college and/or complete and submit a Course Request form located on the FST main page on the right hand side Quick Links.

Answer: The Course Request form in located on the FST main page on the right hand side under Quick Links.

Answer: FST approved courses are listed on the FST website on the Training tab on the left hand side.

Answer: The costs vary and depend on the type of class requested. Costs charged to a department can range from $0 to full cost recovery. Contact FST for specific cost arrangements.

Testing and Exam Requests



FST has a list below of textbooks that should be studied before each certification examination.

FST purchased test question banks generally best match the texts listed below.

When ordering textbooks from FST on a course request, the publishers and editions listed below are the textbooks you will receive unless requested otherwise.

It is the policy of Fire Service Technology not to promote any single publisher of textbooks.

We hope this list assists you in doing well on your IFSAC certifications examinations.



Answer: The exam request is on the FST website located on the right hand side under Quick Links. If you have questions regarding the Exam Request contact the Testing Coordinator at FST.

Answer: The testing calendar is located on the FST website on the right hand side under Quick Links.

Answer: The applications are located under the testing tab on the FST website. Once you fill out the application you can submit it to FST, our fax number is 208-523-1815.

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