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**UPDATED 12/28/2018**

Fire Service Technology is working on going live with the online registration program. Follow the link below to see available tests statewide. 

To register for an exam, click the link below first, then click Fire Service Technology on the left column, select IFSAC written or skills testing. Check dates and locations. Once you have selected an exam, you MUST click checkout in the top right corner and follow the instructions. For written exams the level you wish to select is on the popup window when you add the exam to your cart. For skills exams you must register for each level you wish to certify!

You will need to create an account, there is no charge for this and no charge for exams.

Click here to register for exams

Written applications will no longer be available after March 31st, 2019.

Every level of certification a candidate is requesting for a skills test MUST have an application.

Example: A new firefighter is entering the system and is testing for Firefighter I. That candidate MUST submit an application for Hazmat Awareness and Operations as well as Firefighter I if they wish to test those pre requisites at the same time as Firefigter I.


Some big changes in Hazmat testing in 2019. Idaho Fire Service Technology is making the change from NFPA 472 to NFPA 1072. What this means to testing for IFSAC this year is a revamping of the skills exams. There is a break down below. 

NFPA 1072 Awareness and Operations will go live as of January 1st, 2019.

NFPA 472 Awareness and Operations will continue to be available for testing until March 31st 2019.


Awareness now requires a skills component for testing. This has been built into 2 skills, one of which will be randomly chosen for test day.

Awareness is a prerequisite to Operations same as with NFPA 472.


Mass Decon has been added back in as a Mission Specific Competency. There are now 2 skill sheets in Hazmat Operations for Mass Decon.



All forms for testing are now fillable online, when possible please fill out electronically then email to us, or print and fax or ground mail in. This greatly assists with our processing.


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